Why I Deleted My Site’s Facebook Page

Today I deleted a Facebook Page. It had about 2,500 fans/followers and had been active for many years. I deleted it for two reasons: I felt like rebelling against the constant advice to have a ‘presence’ everywhere. The law of ever decreasing returns was taking its toll. One Website: Many Faces Over the years there

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My Experiences with Media Temple Premium WordPress Hosting

Digging deep into Wordpress Premium Hosting from Media Temple.

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Fixed Headers on Mobile: A/B Tested

Higher amount of menu clicks on a fixed header, but engagement doesn’t really change. Why?

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Input Type Number on Firefox: Hiding the Spinner

Don’t like those little increment / decrement buttons appearing in your fields? Here’s how to hide them.

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How to Change Your Domain Name and What Happens When You Do

Search Traffic

What happens when you move your entire site to a new URL?

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Hamburger vs Menu: The Final AB Test


Over 200,000 unique visitors: Android users do not interact well with menu icons.

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Share Buttons: What You Must Know Before Implementing


Which one encouraged more sharing? And is it even worth putting share buttons on your lovely webpage?

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How Google Loses Its Moral Authority

Some interesting examples of Google telling webmasters what should be on their sites.

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Here’s Proof Why You Can’t Dismiss IE8… Just Yet

Had enough of IE8? Is it time to leave it behind?

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Mobile Menu AB Tested: Hamburger Not the Best Choice?


A larger AB test on Mobile Menu usability.

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